How to Purchase

Inert items and parts can be purchased through our secure e-commerce page. will be offering Destructive Devices and other NFA Items and Title 1 Firearms for Sale.

If you can legally purchase a rifle at your local gun store you can legally purchase a Destructive Device from us.

A copy of an approved FFL’s must be on file before any item will be shipped.

  •  Title 1 Firearms transfer to a regular FFL holder just like a regular Rifle.  This would be the case with our Sub-caliber   57mm – 75mm & 106mm Recoilless Rifles.
  •  Machine Guns and other NFA Items must go to a class 3 SOT Dealer.  This is just another class of FFL, nothing more.  We can help you find one in your area if you are unaware of one.
  • Destructive Device’s will have to be transferred to a DD Dealer, (there are very few of these) or go to an FFL or SOT on an approved Tax Paid Transfer. We will assist you with finding the appropriate Dealer, if you do not have one already in place.
  • Mortars:

The cup will transfer to an FFL and we will ship the Barrel upon Receipt of a copy of your approved Form 1.  Most Artillery where the Breach Ring can be separated from the Barrel can be transferred this way as well.

You can have everything shipped to you minus the cup, ring or receiver; this will have to go to a FFL or SOT.

You cannot legally posses the cup, ring or receiver and the barrel until you have an approved form 1 from the BATF.

We will assist you in filling out the correct Forms as needed.

Contact us via Email or Phone with Questions.  We will be happy to help and encourage the NFA Community to explore and understand this important Historical Avenue more!