About Us

At Ordnance.com we strive to preserve military history through our restoration work and sale of inert explosive ordnance and artillery pieces. We do our best to meet and exceed our customer expectations and try to offer items of a caliber that can not be found anywhere else. Our wide ranging customer base includes museums, private collectors, the movie industry, government agencies, law enforcement, and the military. Our facility in north western Tennessee spans over 100,000 square feet on 6 acres and includes restoration facilities, manufacturing, warehousing, and our corporate office. Ordnance.com holds a Type 10 Class 2 license from the Department of Justice, which grants us the ability to manufacture and sell destructive devices to qualified individuals and entities. In this challenging niche market, our staff will continue to remain dedicated to providing the highest quality workmanship and products, while remaining focused on our customer’s ever-changing needs. What can Ordnance.com do for you?